Thursday, 21 July 2011

July so far...

We started the month off by taking L to her first Mariner's game.  She did great & we enjoyed a special date night with our girl that included garlic fries, changing seats 5 times, yelling "Go M's!" & playing at the playground at the stadium...

The rest of the month has gotten away from us & has included, gardening, library time, celebrating birthdays, lots of missing Jeff, outdoor time & trying to teach Ax how to walk...


Birthday cake #1 for L:
This was actually a party for the 4th but, L was sure the cake was for her.
Thank you Jeanne for scrounging up some candles!  
Local 27 picnic at the zoo:

Checking out the flamingos with gramps
Birthday cake #2:

We spent her b-day morning at the aquarium with K, L & R.  

 Just 2 hours is all I ask:

After walking into my kitchen and finding stickers placed all over my floor and turing the corner to find little nibbles taken out of the apples I called my mom in desperation, "Is there anyway you can take the kids during their naps so I can clean this house without ANYONE here?!?  She graciously agreed and even offered to take them for longer!  THANK YOU MOM!!!  Life is good when everyone's healthy & you have a clean house.  Can I get an 'AMEN' mama's?  I can probably count the number of times on my 2 hands when I've been home ALONE since having kids.  This needs to change.  

Birthday cake #3:
Martha's cookie cake out of the July Living (minus the raspberries and candles)
It was a hit!  Happy Birthday L & g-pa!  
L had been begging me for a "walk in the forest" for days ("A hike?" I would say - "No, a walk in the forest"...)  As soon as we had time I threw her in the car, drove 1 mile & we walked.  We soon found ourselves surrounded by beautiful old trees & listening to leaves blowing & birds chirping.  (Don't worry there were no bears or monsters in this forest. )  The highlights for her were peeing outside for the first time & hearing me tell stories of walking those trails with her when she was a baby getting caught in a huge rainstorm... 

Phew!  I'm pooped.  If you've managed to make it through this post... Bless you, good night & good luck.  

(yes, I'm realizing this post is really L heavy... I'll try & get some A pics in soon.  And, no he still is not walking...)  

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