Wednesday, 17 November 2010


My friend Hanna, from high school now works at REI corporate & asked if she could pop by to try some kids clothes on Axel to get an idea of how they fit a real body (they were samples for 2011).   It was so great to see her & briefly catch-up.  Axel was a champ as we stuffed him into 4 different pieces.  As a thank you she left us with some great clothes for both kids!  Below is a pic of L & Ax in their new down jacket and vest.  SO cute and such a blessing.  Perfect timing for this super cold fall and winter.
Thank you Hanna for your generosity and putting up with my squirrely kidos.  (I know we all could have done without L showing us her booger before you left - welcome to my life with a 2 yo...) :)  You were so patient & gracious... It was fabulous seeing you!


  1. Awwwh, this warms my heart. Your two kids are absolutely adorable and so much fun to be around. Axel was a champ and put up no fight when it came to trying on two snowsuits and two jackets. Perfect fit model! I will have to see if we can do it again when he is size 2T. :)
    You are such a good Mom, Karlee. It was great seeing you. xo

  2. Now they're even more snugglicious! Lemme know if Hanna ever needs 6-year-old or 1 1/2-year-old models! :)